Welcome to Ferrara


Ferrara, listed since 1995 as a UNESCO World Heritage site, was famous during the Renaissance (1300-1600) when the dukes of Este, lords of the city, built the Castle, the Diamonds Palace, the Cathedral and other historical monuments. The Estense Castle is the image of the city in the world. In this castle occurred political and love intrigues and gossips that marked the Este family. The city has a splendid Cathedral built from 14th century. The Palazzo dei Diamanti is famous for its façade built with diamond shaped marble, Palazzo Schifanoia for the Salone dei Mesi (Months Saloon) a big fresco representing allegory between the Este family and the mythology, Palazzina Marfisa d’Este, Casa Romei and other monuments.
In Ferrara cyclists rule the streets. Among the many routes inside the city, the most striking is that running through the city walls.

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