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Question: Where can I find a Stroll Buddy?

Answer: We made it easy for you. You can use the top menu (Find a Stroll Buddy) or simply click this link Find a Stroll Buddy

Question: How long in advance do I request a Stroll?

Answer: As we do not conduct pre-scheduled tours by any individual Stroll Buddy, we advise you to fill out the request 14 days prior to your visit. That will give you the best chance one of our Stroll Buddies can schedule you in.
Please remember our Stroll Buddies are volunteers and filling out the request form is no guarantee your request will be filled. Stroll Buddy booking form 

Question: Can I become a Stroll Buddy?

Answer: Yes you can! We love to help you get started! In fact, we have great expectations about the number of destinations around the world with exponential growth.  If you are interested in becoming a Stroll Buddy yourself, then feel free to fill out the application form and we will get back to you with information that will get you started in no time. Application form to become a Stroll Buddy

If you have other questions on becoming a Stroll Buddy, we have a dedicated page for that! FAQ’s on becoming a Stroll Buddy

Question: Can a governmental organisation start a local Stroll Buddy initiative?

Answer: Yes, absolutely! Many of our local Stroll Buddies are supported by local governmental organisations. Often the local tourist board or council takes the initiative and creates the infrastructure for local Stroll Buddies. You can find our information form here.

Question: How much does a Stroll cost?

Answer: Every Strollis absolutely FREE. We have a strict non-tipping policy. Our Stroll Buddies are just happy to meet with you, spend some hours with you and tell you their stories. Stroll Buddies do enjoy to have a drink with you, very often in a little bar or restaurant that you wouldn’t have found on your own. They can accept such a token of gratitude  🙂 

Question: Can I support the Global Stroll Buddy Foundation?

Answer: Yes you can! We highly appreciate your donation to support our back office. Donate to the Global Stroll Buddy Foundation

Question: Is there a fee to join the Global Stroll Buddy Network?

Answer: No there is not. There are no fees to join but there are great opportunities to save on travel goods and services. Many of our sponsors have exclusive deals for Stroll Buddies and Strollers alike.

Question: Can I get involved?

Answer: Yes, we would love that! You can either become a Stroll Buddy or you can assist the Global Stroll Buddy Foundation with all sorts of tasks ranging from forum moderator or newsletter editor to social media coordinator or fundraiser. There is also the opportunity to sit on the Global Stroll Buddy Foundation Advisory Committee as a representative of the Stroll Buddy community. Stroll Buddy volunteer opportunities

Question: For other questions, how can I contact the Global Stroll Buddy foundation?

Answer: Please use our contact form and one of the staff members we will get back to you. Contact the foundation