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Yes, you can!

We highly appreciate your donation to support our back office, develop our IT infrastructure and lots of other stuff that costs a lot on money.
Donate to the Stroll Buddy Foundation

We are also always looking for volunteers. If you would like to get involved with some "hands-on" work, then have a look at our volunteer opportunities.

No there is not.

There are no fees to join but there are great opportunities to save on travel goods and services.

Many of our sponsors have exclusive deals for Stroll Buddies and Strollers alike.

Who doesn't like a bargain?

Yes, we would love that!

You can either become a Stroll Buddy or you can assist the Stroll Buddy Foundation with all sorts of tasks ranging from forum moderator or newsletter editor to social media coordinator or fundraiser.

There is also the opportunity to sit on the Stroll Buddy Foundation Advisory Committee as a representative of the Stroll Buddy community.

Stroll Buddy Volunteers opportunities

Please use our contact form and one of the volunteers will get back to you.

Stroll Buddy is owned by the Stroll Buddy Foundation which is a not-for-profit foundation registered in the Netherlands.

If you have any desire to volunteer your blue sky thinking skills, then why not join the foundation.

Advisory Committee


The Stroll Buddy Foundation is a "not-for-profit" with ALL staff and directors working voluntary, without remuneration but with lots of job satisfaction...


Your privacy is very important to us. The foundation is fully GDPR compliant.

We do have commercial sponsors that offer the Stroll Buddy community large discounts on travel-related goods and services.

You can opt-in or opt-out if you prefer to receive or not to receive the occasional bargain via our newsletter...

Stroll Buddies operate all over the world so rules and regulations differ depending on where you Stroll.

See our COVID guidelines for more information...


We were previously called the Global Greeter Network but changed our name to Stroll Buddy to avoid any confusion with other organisations that call themselves "Greeters".


We made it easy for you.

You can use the top menu (Find a Stroll Buddy) or simply click this link Find a Stroll Buddy.

As we do not conduct pre-scheduled tours by any individual Stroll Buddy, we advise you to fill out the request 14 days prior to your visit.

That will give you the best chance of one of our Stroll Buddies to schedule you in.

Please remember our Stroll Buddies are volunteers and filling out the request form is no guarantee your request will be filled.

Stroll Buddy Request Form

Every Stroll is absolutely FREE.

Our Stroll Buddies are just happy to meet with you, spend some hours with you and tell you their stories and listen to yours...

Stroll Buddies do enjoy having a drink with you. A cup of coffee (or something else) is a nice way to say "Thank You!"

No tips.

However, you can offer your Stroll Buddy a coffee in the local coffee shop (or something else) to show your appreciation.


Stroll Buddies usually speak English to some degree.

You will also be asked for the languages you speak and will be matched with a Stroll Buddy accordingly...

After you requested a Stroll, a Stroll Buddy will get in contact with you.

Part of the correspondence will include confirmation of the time and date of the Stroll and where to meet up.

This is normally a public place. For example, "in front of the library on Main Street"


Saying this, Stroll Buddies are independent entities and outside the control of the foundation.

We made the system as safe as we can but we are always working on improvements.

Using common sense will go a long way...


Your request will be offered to all available Stroll Buddies that match your requirements.

Booking a specific Stroll Buddy is strictly against our policy.

Stroll Buddies

Yes, you can!

We love to help you get started! In fact, we have great expectations about the number of destinations around the world with exponential growth. 

If you are interested in becoming a Stroll Buddy yourself, then feel free to fill out the application form and we will get back to you with information that will get you started in no time. 

Application form to become a Stroll Buddy

If you have other questions on becoming a Stroll Buddy, we have a dedicated page for that!

Because it is fun!

Aside from the ‘fun part’ people also become a Stroll Buddy because:

  • They want to meet people from all over the world.
  • Stroll Buddies share their pride for their city or region.
  • Being a Stroll Buddy is a volunteer opportunity when you want and as often as you want!
  • There is no training involved but lots of support.
  • Your Stroll is a gift to the people visiting your city thus “Making the world a better place, one Stroll at the time…”
  • Stroll Buddies are never obliged to accept a booking request! It is ‘polite’ though to tell the visitors there is no Stroll Buddy available of course.
  • Stroll Buddies like to discover new things like languages, another culture and meet interesting people.

Yes, we have some rules.

Nothing too official though, that is why we call it our “Stroll Buddy Promise”.

If you become a Stroll Buddy we ask you to make a promise that underpins what the Stroll Buddy concept stands for:

  • Offer a friendly face for those visiting your city – area
  • Welcome individuals or small groups of up to six people
  • Volunteer and not to charge for the Stroll Buddy experience
  • Welcome visitors without any kind of discrimination
  • Support sustainability
  • Oh, and we ask you to be 18 years of age (or older).


We will create a digital infrastructure for you. Visitors will look for a Stroll Buddy in your city and fill out the BOOK A STROLL BUDDY form. This will be sent to you and it is up to you to accept or refuse the request.

Yes, for sure.

There are plenty of destinations with more than one Stroll Buddy.

Application forms from visitors will be sent to all Stroll Buddies that match the application based on availability, languages spoken and areas of interest.

The bulk of destinations are started by a single Stroll Buddy. People that just enjoy a Stroll and chat about their great city and how they are personally connected to it.

All you need to start is enthusiasm, the rest will fall into place…

Yes, absolutely!

Many of our local Stroll Buddies are supported by local governmental organisations.

Often the local tourist board or city council takes the initiative and creates the infrastructure for local Stroll Buddies. 

You can find our information form here.

Under, is the short answer...

The Stroll Buddy Foundation in an approved "not-for-profit" entity fully staffed by volunteers. However, the foundation incurs expenses due to the infrastructure it supplies to Stroll Buddies and Strollers.

  • Most money is gifted by the founder.
  • We are seeking partners to help share the financial burden.
  • We may display Google Ads here and there.
  • We may run crowdfunding campaigns.
  • We get some donations.

To log in, simply go to the login screen.

There is also an article which explains the login and password reset in detail...

Login and editing you profile...

Yes, we think so

But why don't you tell us?

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