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Stroll Buddy Advisory Committee

As part of the Stroll Buddy Foundation’s restructuring, we recognise that stakeholder inclusion and involvement is the driver that keeps the Stroll Buddy concept alive…

Getting input and guidance from the Stroll Buddy community is vital to success. However, this is not always easy to achieve for a “not for profit” organisation. It is for this reason that the Stroll Buddy Foundation proposes to establish a Stroll Buddy Advisory Committee that will be responsible for contributing to the policies and processes as well as the strategic direction of the Stroll Buddy Foundation. The Stroll Buddy Advisory Committee will be self-governed and independent from the Stroll Buddy Foundation.

Who is on the Committee

The Stroll Buddy Advisory Committee will consist of 15 volunteers from the Stroll Buddy community. This includes Stroll Buddies and Strollers who are committed to the Foundation’s mission which is “making the world a better place; one Stroll at the time…”. Of course, we are looking for some geographical and cultural spread.

Setting up and running it

It is not always easy to start something new. This is especially true with committees run by volunteers. The Stroll Buddy Foundation will therefore assist in:

  • An Expression of Interest (EOI) system where potential Committee Members can apply to be on the Committee
  • Provide an initial Constitution that can be changed at the discretion of the Committee once established
  • Provide a virtual meeting space
  • Assist in organising an annual conference
  • Contribute financially where it can

The initial GGN Advisory Committee will be formed from those who expressed interest in a position on the Committee who then in a collaborate process will vote for the initial 15 Committee Members.

The Committee's Role

Once the Committee is established, the Stroll Buddy Foundation will step back and let the Committee Members determine the constitution and rules of the Committee. However, the role of the Committee is to provide guidance and advice to the foundation and to select among its Committee Members two (2) directors that will be invited on the Stroll Buddy Foundation’s Board of Directors.

How do I apply?

If you think you have the time and the commitment to serve on the Stroll Buddy Advisory Committee then please apply by filling out the below form.

So get involved and utilise your skills and talents to make the world a better place; one Stroll at the time…

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