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Empower your organisation with exceptional and unique opportunities by differentiating your organisation from that of your competitors. Increase brand recognition, exposure and sales by tapping into a large unique tourism industry-centric client base that is keen to take advantage of your special offerings.

How? Stroll Buddy membership comprises of a massive number of traveller that visit countries all over the world. They travel by air, rail, boat or car and stay in accommodation ranging from backpackers hostels to 6-star resorts. Stroll Buddy members are from all walks of life but they all share a passion for travel and the Stroll Buddy concept.

As an official Stroll Buddy Partner, you will get:

  • Recognition by Stroll Buddy as a “Champion Partner” and/or “Value Chain Partner”
  • Large tourism centric audience
  • Preference by Stroll Buddy members seeking value-added travel solutions
  • Peer-to-peer recommendation through social media
How does the private sector partner with Stroll Buddy?

Partnerships can take many forms but below are the two partnership categories Stroll Buddy has adopted for strategically engaging with third-party organisations.

Champion Partnerships

Entities that champion the core values of Stroll Buddy and strongly stand behind the Stroll Buddy’s idealism.

They are usually larger businesses that benefit from progressive association with a great community-driven concept such as Stroll Buddy.

Value Chain Partnerships

Value Chain Partnerships encapsulate the core strengths of the private sector by providing Stroll Buddy members with exceptional savings as a “Preferred Supplier”. For example, hotel chains offering substantial discounts on accommodation, rental car companies offering big savings exclusively to Stroll Buddy members or airlines providing free upgrades to Stroll Buddy members…

Interested in partnering with Stroll Buddy?

Stroll Buddy seeks partnerships with entities that share its vision. If you would like to join the Stroll Buddy family then contact us today by email or you can fill out the form below. In either case, someone will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your opportunities…

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