Welcome to Málaga

Málaga is a cosmopolitan city with a gentle weather -305 sunny days per year, 150 km of beaches lapped by the Mediterranean sea, and several Natural Parks to enjoy trekking and nature.
The pedestrian city center allow to have a good time while tasting its rich gastronomy and wine, as well as its excellent museums; do not forget Málaga is the place where Picasso was born.
You will also find architectural remains from the megalithic, roman, arabic (Al-Andalus) periods.
The city counts as well with avant-garde highways, the fourth busiest airport of Spain, the biggest and very modern train station in Europe with a shopping mall and a bus station. They will connect you to the prettiest Andalusian little towns and cities, to the rest of the country and to the whole world!
The “malagueños” are looking forward to receiving you in the “best city to live” in Spain .

For families, friends or people travelling solo – a Stroll is a truly enriching experience!

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