Welcome to Rimini


A spontaneous and unusual meeting to discover and rediscover the places of Rimini through the eyes of  the “Riminese”, inhabitants that love their city. They will share some of the gems only locals know about, have some ‘inside information’ about past and future of the city. You will get to love Rimini as we do!

Rimini Stroll Buddies will take you for a journey through their special spots, to experience the emotion of an inhabitant, breathing atmosphere and traditions that only some places can give.

You will know the corners of the city where you can have a chat, listen to stories that only townspeople know, recognize the Romagna accent of a dialect that has been Italianized, maybe while you are enjoying the true piada of Rimini, because here it is not called piadina! And why not, maybe with a good glass of authentic Sangiovese!

Book a Rimini Stroll Buddy to make your stay in Rimini even more impressive!