Welcome to Silver Spring

As a long time Washington, DC area resident I have a strong interest in sharing my knowledge of the city and surrounding area. I am very familiar with the monuments on the National Mall and have conducted walking tours for friends and family of the Mall from the Lincoln Memorial to the US Capitol. For a decade, I served as a member of the National Park Service Bike Patrol on the C&O Canal which runs from Georgetown to Cumberland, MD and provided visitors with discussions of the history and natural wonders of the park. In the year before my retirement from federal service, I become a volunteer docent and the Capitol’s US Botanic Garden providing tours of the conservatory and outdoor gardens and also conducting special programs for the visually impaired and visitors with memory loss issues.

As a Stroll Buddy I plan to offer walking tours of the National Mall (mornings and sunset /evening walks), C&O Canal walks from Georgetown to Fletcher’s boathouse, walking tours of the Aquatic Gardens, and walking tours of the gardens on the National Mall (the National Gallery Sculpture Garden, the Hirshhorn Garden, the US Botanic Garden outside gardens and the US Capitol Grounds). If visitors have any special interests, I am prepared to provide that experience provided I receive adequate advance notice.

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