Lynn Brooks, founder of a great concept

Lynn Brooks was a true New Yorker.

Born and raised in the early 1930’s she lived in this metropolis where she, unfortunately, passed away in 2013.

Lynn has always loved her city. Of course, she was well aware New York faced some bad times, especially at the end of the last century. However, she decided to change this image and change the world, “even if it is a little bit,” she used to say.
She came up with Greeters and the idea was as simple as brilliant:

“I want other people to understand New York the way I do. I want them to experience the city the way I do. And all I need to do is invite visitors to spend some time with me or any inhabitant of New York – to show them the hidden and beautiful life in this city. We will show them the deli where we get our sweets, tell them about the nice music events in smaller theatres, tell them how to get around, tell them about our lives.”

Lynn started to talk about the idea with friends and people that might be willing to support her. That is how Big Apple Greeters got started in 1992.

The local press picked up her story, as did national press and through the visitors. Visitors got inspired by what they experienced and some started their own Greeter organisation. So Lynn and her staff organised a meeting in 2005, inviting all Greeters organisations around the world – thus the Global Greeter Network got started.
In 2002, ten years after Lynn started Big Apple Greeters, there were five destinations worldwide, in 2010 there were around 25, in 2015 we were more than 100!

The concept proves to touch people all over the world, that is why we expect the number of Greeter destination will rapidly expand in the years ahead.

Are you interested in starting a Greeter organisation, we are happy to help!

Just visit this page with detailed information.

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