THE CONCEPTWhat are Stroll Buddies?

So what is a Stroll Buddy?

A Stroll Buddy is a person that loves their city so much, they show Strollers (visitors) around for free.

A Stroll differs from a guided tour on two main fronts:

  • Stroll Buddies do not charge any money for showing Strollers around, and
  • Often Stroll Buddies have a personal connection to the city they show Strollers, share personal experiences and visit hidden treasures you could not expect from a paid guide.

So what is a Stroll?

A Stroll is on averaged a 30 minute to 2 hour walk / stroll where the Stroll Buddy shows one to six Strollers around their city. During this time there is an opportunity for cultural exchange and the sharing of values.

Where does the Stroll Buddy Foundation come in?

The Stroll Buddy Foundation is the central point where the public at large can find information about the Stroll Buddy concept. It also heavily promotes the concept through press releases and generally respond to press enquiries.

The Stroll Buddy Foundation maintains a website where Strollers can find Stroll Buddies. The Foundation also provides a free turnkey App for new destination that includes a fully functional booking system and free IT support.

In addition, the Stroll Buddy Foundation develops policies and sets standards to develop the Stroll Buddy brand.